Round Table 103 Melodrama 2017

To all that were involved in the Stutterheim HKGK Melodrama, a HUGE congratulations. We at Round Table 103 are very proud of what we have achieved in producing a show that has received only good reviews.Three shows, 21 skits and just under 500 people who watched.

Congratulations must go to Wynand and Caren for the amount of effort and hard work that they, as the conveners of the show did behind the senses and late into the evenings. To the fellow Tablers, 41ers and the Table Legs thank you for your contribution to making it a success. We know it took effort and lots of hard work form everyone. As you know hard work always pays off and this was no exception. To the choreographer’s Natashe, Gitte, Annecka, Lee-ANN, Anna and Pieter well done on teaching and working out the moves for the skits.  You did a wonderful job, thank you all !!!
A show like this would not be possible is we didn’t have sponsors. Main sponsor Pick and Pay Stutt, thank you Debbie and Lyle for your continued support of Stutt 103 Round Table.  Your generosity has definitely not gone unnoticed. Thank you for the food and the wine that you provided on the night of the shows. To Party Magic for the draping, Stutt Country Club and all the other sponsors thank you for making our show a success. To Damon who did the lights and the music. Thank you for your contribution to the evenings. 
Lastly to everyone who attended the shows thank you for your support. There were a lot of other Tablers that attended each evening from as far as Alex- Kenton, East London, Gonubie, Beacon Bay, Nahoon, King, Cathcart and Queenstown. I overheard one of our fellow visiting Tablers say “ when Stutt 103 do something they do it properly “. A special thanks to Ernst’s parents and Suzanne who travelled from the Western Cape.    
We at Stutt 103 and the 41ers are very proud Round Tablers and are passionate about raising money for our community and helping those in need.
Thank you for your support.
Peter Featherstone   



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Round Table 103 Melodrama 2017

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